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19 Sep 2014

Shamwari Game Reserve Celebrates World Rhino Day on September 22  0

Shamwari Game Reserve to celebrate World Rhino Day on September 22.


Shamwari Game Reserve will donate R500 to the Wilderness Foundation for every booking we receive on the day, between 08h00 and 17h00.

Guests booking this must travel by 14th December 2014. Terms & conditions apply. Contact the reservations department to find out more via

17 Sep 2014

Kingsley Heath Creates UAE 2014 World Rhino Day Campaign  0


Kingsley Heath, the renowned South African luxury clothing brand, is initiating an exciting campaign to raise funds for the worldwide conservation of rhinos.


To raise awareness for rhino conservation, Kingsley Heath is running a Facebook competition titled ‘Save the Rhino’ in the UAE. Users can upload their own, personalized rhino designs, where the public will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite one. The rhino design receiving the highest number of votes will be sent to the Kingsley Heath creative designers in South Africa, where it will be printed on to a limited edition Kingsley Heath T-shirt.

“Furthermore, one can shop at Kingsley Heath to support the important cause. In collaboration with the Wildlands Conservation Trust (South Africa), Kingsley Heath is contributing a percentage of its proceeds generated on 22nd September 2014 towards the initiative. The money raised will be allocated to the Project Rhino Tracker, which aims to provide us with updated information of rhino-related statistics,” stated Bhumika Nasta, Brand Representative of Kingsley Heath UAE.

17 Sep 2014

South Africa Hosts 2014 World Youth Rhino Summit  0


South Africa will host the Rhino Youth Summit on Saturday, September 21 through Tuesday, September 23.


Over 140 young delegates from around the globe will converge to discuss conservation issues. The major goal will be to send a world-wide call to action by the youth to save the rhino from extinction.

We are hopeful that the delegation will garner worldwide respect and attention!

17 Sep 2014

WWF South Africa World Rhino Day 2014  0


WWF South Africa is supporting the launch of a public campaign in Vietnam that seeks to change attitudes to rhino horn consumption in Asia – bursting the bubble of demand in that region.


At the same time, WWF South Africa is tackling rhino conservation on four other fronts: breaking criminal networks, bridging stronger cooperation across borders, benefiting communities so they take the lead in rhino conservation and boosting rhino numbers.

16 Sep 2014

Rhino Orphanage to Link with Race the Rhino on World Rhino Day  0


The Rhino Orphanage based in Limpopo will join forces with Race the Rhino. First Car Rental’s ‘Post Your Selfie & Win’ charity campaign will aid The Rhino Orphanage based in Limpopo.

via selfie for rhino press release
via selfie for rhino press release

Race organizers will be driving two of The Rhino Orphanage campaign’s Nissan Jukes, which will be vehicle-wrapped to look like a mom rhino with a baby rhino. At the race, competitors and their supporters can get involved in raising awareness of The Rhino Orphanage by taking selfies with the Nissan Jukes and posting to their social media networks, making sure to tag with #Rhinos1st, to enter the competition and lucky draw associated with the campaign.

29 Aug 2014

World Rhino Day 2014: ‘Race the Rhino’ in South Africa  0

Jump on your bike and ride for rhinos in South Africa on World Rhino Day 2014!

09 Oct 2013

World Rhino Day 2013 Compilation Video! #worldrhinoday  0

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who celebrated World Rhino Day 2013! We look forward to another successful World Rhino Day in 2014. In the meantime, enjoy the World Rhino Day 2013 compilation video!