2016 Events

Thank you for organizing a World Rhino Day event!

Register your World Rhino Day 2016 event by sending details to: info [at] worldrhinoday [dot] org and we will post them on this page and on the World Rhino Day Facebook page and on Twitter @RhinoDaySept22!



A celebration focusing on the education of young children is being planned in Nepal! Suman Bhattarai, who teaches at the Institute of Forestry / Tribhuvan University, has written a nice post about the History of World Rhino Day in Nepal.

United Kingdom

Save the Rhino International invites you to celebrate all five rhino species and share your stories, photos and hopes for the future using the hashtag #worldrhinoday2016

You could hold a fundraising bake sale, or donate – playing a vital role in saving rhinos from the brink of extinction.

United States

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas will host a Family Fun Day celebration of the five remaining rhino species and have a call to action for rhino conservation with a learning station and free fun activity at the Overlook (1789 County Road 2009, Glen Rose, TX 76043). For more information, call 254.897.2960.

Global Conservation Force, in collaboration with the Rhino Keeper Association, will be celebrating World Rhino Day with great beer, food art, and live music! As such, get ready for a relaxed atmosphere and an evening of smooth vibes.

Where: Hillstreet Café, Oceanside CA
When: Thursday, September 22nd from 4pm to 9pm