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17 Sep 2015

Parca Natura Viva will Celebrate World Rhino Day on September 26 & 27  0


Parco Natura Viva will celebrate World Rhino Day over September 26 & 27.

On September 26 will feature keeper for the day and guests will help prepare enrichment for the rhino. Both September 26 & 27 will feature special learning talks dedicated to learning about the threats to the rhino and what can be done to protect rhinos in the wild. Children can be small rangers and experience firsthand what it means to defend the wildlife.


17 Sep 2014

World Rhino Day 2014 at Zoom Torino  0

Zoo Torino will celebrate World Rhino Day 2014 on September 21.

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A great day is planned. Throughout the day the Keepers and the IAEA(Association of Italian Africa Experts) rangers, will give talks dedicated to education about the five rhino species, the serious consequences of superstitions and beliefs, and the dangers presented by poaching.

At 15:00, at the amphitheater at Petra, a charity auction will take place . The auction will be led by Davide Bomben, Chairman of the IAEA. The proceeds from the sale will go to support the projects of the Reserve Mabula which protects , to date, 27 rhinos in the wild.

Afterwards, Gian Luigi Casetta , founder and CEO of the park and Davide Bomben will deliver a check with funds raised during Zoom Night Safari to the Reserve Mabula in Africa.