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09 Oct 2013

World Rhino Day 2013 Compilation Video! #worldrhinoday  0

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who celebrated World Rhino Day 2013! We look forward to another successful World Rhino Day in 2014. In the meantime, enjoy the World Rhino Day 2013 compilation video!

08 Aug 2012

Ideas for World Rhino Day  0

Save the Rhino International took it to the streets on World Rhino Day 2011!

Are you looking for ideas about how to celebrate World Rhino Day on September 22nd?

Here are a few ideas from previous World Rhino Days to get your creative juices flowing!

World Rhino Day 2011 parade in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Organize a parade

The Zimbabwe National Parks hosted an amazing parade and celebrations for World Rhino Day 2011! Music played a pivotal role in the event. The parade was led by the police band. The celebration was enriched by the nation’s favourite musician, Oliver Mutukudzi, who had dignitaries and crowds bopping for rhinos!

Students also performed their own song “Join Hands to Save the Rhino” with youthful free-style spoken word.

World Rhino Day 2011 in Harare.

The Minister of Environment, Francis Nhema, gave an inspirational speech demonstrating Zimbabwe’s commitment to rhino conservation and strongly promoting the message “Rhino Horn is NOT Medicine”.

World Rhino Day artwork by students in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe schoolchildren enjoyed a video of “The Rhino Song” and celebrated World Rhino Day with art, videos and creative writing.

Take it to the streets

In London, Save the Rhino International took it to the streets and held a peaceful protest in front of the Vietnamese Embassy. Wearing rhino costumes and carrying placards, the team showed off jars of human toenails, to emphasize the fact that consuming rhino horn has no more medicinal value than chewing a toenail.

Takin’ to the streets of London on World Rhino Day 2011!

Photos from Save the Rhino International’s event can be seen here.

And of course, there was a ton of support for South Africa’s iconic pachyderms on World Rhino Day.

Standing tall for rhinos in Cape Town, South Africa!

An enthusiastic gathering in Cape Town attracted hundreds of people, thanks to the efforts of Rhino Africa Safaris and other local businesses.

Rhinos on the airwaves

In Nepal, Partnership for Rhino Conservation (PARC/Nepal) arranged a TV and radio broadcast to celebrate the country’s first World Rhino Day in 2011.

Nepal’s first World Rhino Day was held in 2011!

Learn more about the grassroots organization PARC/Nepal here.

Hold an art contest and auction

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas celebrated World Rhino Day by hosting an art contest for local schoolchildren, and selling the art on September 22nd at Hollywood and Vine restaurant in Glen Rose.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas held a school art contest and then auctioned the artwork to benefit the rhino program.

All proceeds from the art show and a portion of the proceeds from the dinners served on World Rhino Day went to Fossil Rim’s rhino program!

Social media

TRAFFIC Southeast Asia featured rhinos throughout the month of September for its social media campaign.

Javan and Sumatran rhino posters from TRAFFIC Southeast Asia to commemorate World Rhino Day.
Links to download the Javan and Sumatran rhino posters can be found here.

Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV), a local NGO, launched an online campaign for World Rhino Day on the ENV Volunteer Network page on Facebook, which is in Vietnamese.

An article about rhino conservation and World Rhino Day (“Hưởng ứng ngày quốc tế bảo vệ Tê giác”) which discourages the use of rhino horn – pointing out that it is both unnecessary and illegal – is posted on the page. Read it here.

“Bust the Myth, Save the Species” and “Rhino horn is not medicine” posters in Vietnamese.

In addition, an album entitled “Sừng tê giác không phải thuốc trị bệnh” (“Rhino horn is not medicine”) featuring Vietnamese language posters was created. URLS for downloading the posters are included. View the album here.

Go climb a rock!

The Asian Rhino Project in Australia raised funds with a “Rock Climbing for Rhinos” event. Participants tested their skill in the indoor comfort of Rockface in Perth, and also enjoyed a barbecue.

(Be sure to check out the International Rhino Foundation for more great ideas!)