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15 Sep 2015

WWF Indonesia Holds Essay Contest for World Rhino Day 2015  0

World Rhino Day 2015 Indonesia Contest
World Rhino Day 2015 Indonesia Contest

WWF Indonesia will sponsor a writing contest for World Rhino Day 2015.

The theme will be “What is Home Sweet Home For The Rhino?” The prizes for three winners in the contest will consist of field trip to Ujung Kulon, a certificate, and cash. Good luck and may everyone find a happy home for Indonesia’s precious rhinos!

Contest details here:

16 Sep 2014

Celebrate a Nautical World Rhino Day in Indonesia  0

Come to Indonesia for a nautical celebration of the world’s rarest rhino species!

WRD Indonesia

Enjoy the following activities – and more – from September 24 through September 27:

  • Beach football
  • Beach volleyball
  • Coloring contest
  • Dance & Art Competition
  • Trip to Handeuleum Island
  • Snorkling
  • Creating rhino carvings
  • Puppet show
  • Contact @KakaTeteh_PDG for details: